Branding and Visual Design Development


Brief Description

- Role: Lead Designer.

- Goal: To create the primary and secondary branding for LaMeduse, a company specializing in OpenSource, SaaS, and On-Premise software solutions, as well as providing development services, infrastructure management, and hosting.

- Challenge: Developing a comprehensive brand identity that could be adapted across various products and platforms, and creating supporting visual elements for corporate use and initial web presence.

The primary and secondary branding, along with the supporting visual elements, were well-received by the client, successfully reflecting LaMeduse's ethos and service diversity.
Client Satisfaction
The initial hero section design provided a solid and engaging starting point for the development of LaMeduse’s website.
Foundation for Web Development
The comprehensive branding and design work significantly contributed to establishing a strong and cohesive corporate identity for LaMeduse.
Enhanced Corporate Identity