Visual Design & User Experience Enhancement


Brief Description

- Role: Lead Designer.

- Goal: To manage and create all visual assets for Belocum, a platform connecting business owners and managers with professionals in healthcare and hospitality, and enhance the user experience of their app and website.

- Challenge: Developing diverse visual content for various platforms and events, and improving the user experience for an app that connects multiple stakeholders in the health industry.

The diverse and strategic visual assets were highly appreciated by the client, effectively supporting their marketing and communication goals.
Client Satisfaction with Visual Assets
The materials created for events and conferences significantly contributed to new user and client acquisition, demonstrating their effectiveness in communicating Belocum's value proposition.
Successful Event Material Utilization
The redesigned website and improved app user experience were well-received, enhancing the overall engagement and satisfaction of Belocum’s users.
Positive Reception of Website and App Enhancements