Brief Description

- Role: Lead Designer.

- Goal: To revamp Mapersive's branding to effectively communicate the company's messages and values in a simple, recognizable, and timeless design.

- Challenge: Creating a brand identity that stands out to organizations and businesses amidst a plethora of products and brands, while addressing the limited attention span of users.

The redesign was highly acclaimed by both the owners and the team at Mapersive, garnering positive feedback for its aesthetic appeal and alignment with the company's vision.
Client and Team Approval
The new branding translated exceptionally well across various supports, including the Mapersive website and platform, demonstrating versatility and coherence in different contexts.
Cross-Platform Consistency
Mapersive's rebranding has been successfully received by the target audience, enhancing the company's market presence.
Brand Perception
The redesign has solidified Mapersive as a well-established and credible brand in its industry.
Credibility and Recognition